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    Dressing Space Blog

    4 Simple And Fun Summer Hair Styles

    Summer Fashion Trends to go with Summer hair styles
    With summer right around the corner comes heat and humidity. Here are a few simple hair styles that will give you that summer look you want, while leaving humidity in the past... It's so last summer:

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    Healthy Recipes For Hotter Weather

    Healthy Recipes to Get Ready for Bikini Season

    Dare I say it? That's right girls... bikini season is almost here! Here are a few recipes that I have stumbled upon lately that don't sacrifice taste, and will have you looking oh-so-good for the beach!

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    Spring Essentials For Your Vacation Suitcase

    What to pack for spring vacations - Spring Fashion Trends and what to wear on vacation - Shop Dressing Space Boutique Online
    Planning your upcoming spring vacation? We know how exciting this is... until you ask, what do I wear?! Well, we are here to help with the fashion essentials to pack for your next spring vacation...

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    Online Shopping has become that much easier with US!

    Shop Fashion Trends Online at the Dressing Space Boutique
    Online Shopping: Because it's frowned upon to be in a store with no bra, sweatpants, and a glass of wine. Check out this blog to find out we are changing the game of online shopping!

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