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    DSB Blog

    Three Ways To Style The Famous "So Sassy" Tank!

        Hey DSB Babes! I hope everyone had a great long weekend celebrating America's birthday! I know it's one of my favorite times of the year! Over the weekend I was grabbing some lunch and I had on one of our "So Sassy tanks." I'm sure you know what I'm talking about- this style is everywhere now! These lace tank tops are my summer go to because they're SO versatile. I wanted to show y'all just some of the outfits you can create with these tanks.
       The first style that I'm absolutely loving is perfect for any other vacations or staycations you may have planned for the rest of the summer! I took our vintage denim tank and paired it with one of my all-time favorite kimonos. This kimono has so many colors in it, so it's simple to find something to match under it!  If you've spent the day at the beach or lounging by the pool, you may have a swim coverup that you can throw one of the tanks under- and you have your outfit for dinner that night! Of course, I had to pair the shorts I can't get enough of and the bag I talked about in last weeks blog. I am loving statement glasses this summer, so these Quay sunnies had to come with me. 










       Too early to start planning Jags game outfits? Not at all. How could you resist with these options already in stock? To be honest, I wasn't sure what I was going to think about these shorts when I tried them on- they looked like they were going to be baggy and way too long for my body. But was I so wrong! These fit perfectly and are so flowy and comfortable. The elastic band makes them super stretchy, so it helps when you eat one too many snacks at the game ;) The black “So Sassy” Tank pulled this look together, but there are so many other things you could do with this as well! The black one without a doubt is my favorite one.











       Y'all know I always save my favorite for last, and this week's choice was a no brainer. I told Madison (she was the one taking all my pictures, the proof is in the sunglasses reflection, haha!) in between outfit changes that I wanted to do more of an edgy look, but by no means do I ever dress like that. So I definitely needed some help pulling that off, considering I always stick to my neutrals! So she told me to go put this outfit on, and I immediately fell in love. No lie, I snapchatted some friends and said, "convince me not to spend all of my money on this outfit." (I only ended up getting the tank lol). These white bell bottom jeans are such a hit this summer! Whether girls are looking for them for a night out, sorority recruitment, or a big event coming up, we can't keep them in stock! I have loved these heels since we got them in the store a while ago. They go with everything and dress every outfit up! I think the thing that makes this outfit what it is has to be the accessories. Seriously! I can't get enough of the belt, necklace, and statement glasses! I don't think I'd be able to choose a favorite part of this outfit.

       Of course, I could go on and on about so many more ways to style these tanks. I love them so much! I appreciate you so much for reading, we've got so much planned for y'all & these blogs in the next few weeks. As always, don't forget to use code "NicholeDSB10" at www.dressingspace.com to snag your favs! Follow @dressingspaceboutique on Instagram to be the first to see so many of our new arrivals, and DM us with any blog ideas you may have!

    See y'all next week!



    Favorite Summer Trends



     Throughout the winter, you will probably hear me say at least 12 times a day how excited I am for summer. Cold weather is one of my least favorite things. I would much rather be somewhere on a beach, tanning, with a bowl of fresh fruit by my side. I could make a list a mile long about all of the things I love about summer. One thing that's always on the top of that list, however, is the outfits. This summer has consisted of some of my favorite trends so far, and I've made a list to make it easy for y'all to see them all in one place!

     The tops that I always seem to reach for during the summer are the bright, fun colored ones. This top checks off all of those boxes! The fuchsia color screams summer and it's lightweight feeling keeps things cool when those temperatures reach triple digits. I paired it with jeans but I think it would be so cute with a white or denim skirt and some platforms for date night!

     You can catch me wearing bright colors all summer, but what's a bold color without bold statement earrings? I love earrings like this year round, but they seem to be THE thing this summer! This pair is probably my favorite we've gotten in all year- and that's saying a lot! They can even be worn year round, which is a bonus!

     One of the best parts about summer is the Fourth of July. Celebrating America's birthday by cooking out, going to the beach, or whatever your tradition will never get old! I’m loving all the two-piece sets this summer, and this one from our fourth of July collection is no different! Since it's a two piece, the set doesn't have to be worn together- which means you can wear it more than once a year!  (Here’s the link for the bottoms!)


     Y’all. This outfit gets allll the heart eyes. It has three of my favorite summer trends all in one. First, let’s start with the dress. It's one of those pieces that you can just throw on and look cute no matter what. It has functional buttons, and pockets so deep I could probably sneak one too many snacks into the movie theater (guilty). And let's talk about the length! If you're taller it won't be too short, and if you're shorter, it will fit more like a midi dress, which is super in right now too!

     Remember how I said this dress looks cute no matter how you style it? That includes your hair in a ponytail, too! I just threw on one of our hair scarves, and it instantly transformed the outfit. The best part about it? You can literally roll out of bed, put this dress on, put your hair up with a hair scarf, and it looks like you put a lot of effort into your outfit for the day! Sounds like a win in my book :)

     I'm all about a purse that is going to hold everything I need but still goes with just about every outfit possible. This purse is perfect for both of those! It's something I've seen all over my Pinterest while mindlessly scrolling through, and it's definitely safe to say I'm obsessed. It's just so beachy and I love the crochet detail on it!

     Okay, I had to save my favorite for last. Stripes are something I've always loved, but this summer they are wherever you look! I've especially noticed that vertical stripes are everywhere, which look great on everyone! I initially just tried on this romper for the purpose of this blog- but as soon as I tried this on, I said, "oh this is coming home with me."

     Just like my favorite things about summer, my list of favorite summer trends could go on for miles. These are just a couple of them! I appreciate you so much for reading through this! Every Sunday we will have a new blog post for y'all and I'm so excited! Use my code "NICHOLEDSB10" for 10% off your purchase at www.dressingspace.com

    See y’all next Sunday!



    What's In My Purse?

    For the longest time, I've wanted to do this blog post for y'all, but I could never bring myself to do the dreaded task of cleaning out my purse. Well, good news! The time has finally come. I took some time to empty the bottom of my purse of all the receipts, gum wrappers and everything else at the bottom.... (oops) I finally have everything narrowed down to my absolute must-haves!

    The Absolute Essentials

    Some of the “absolute essentials” are items that are in just about every girl’s purse that I know, and actually are important. Keys, wallets, and a small hand sanitizer are just some of the things that fall under this category! I can’t go anywhere without them (obviously, my keys get me to where I need to go lol) and I go through so much hand sanitizer because it smells so good and I’m constantly using it!

    Product Junkie

    There are a bunch of beauty products that I didn’t include in the picture because well, if I did, then they would take up a majority of your screen! I’m always looking for new products to try out and they fill up my purse! I take one trip to Tj Maxx and come out with so many new things to try! I’m currently trying out a lash serum that it supposed to make your lashes longer and more voluminous, so we’ll see how that works out! However, some products that are always in my purse are hand lotion, body spray, and a refreshing face spray. The Mario Badescu spray (pictured) is perfect for a refreshing mist on a humid Florida day! Lipstick, Chapstick, and a pressed powder are some things I also never leave the house without.

    The Random (but necessary) Items

    One look at that picture and you might be thinking, “why the heck does she need a laptop, a coffee mug, or a Disney MagicBand?” Well let me tell ya- they all have logical reasons on why they’re in my purse!! As a college student, you never know when a deadline is going to creep up on you quick. I always have my laptop on me just incase that happens! It’s come in handy a handful of times. Being a college student also means many all nighters and many early mornings- and that means coffee is essential! Let’s be real though, I look for any excuse to drink coffee. This hot/cold cup allows me to have the baristas put my coffee in a reusable cup. (many places offer a discount if you bring your own cup!) Lastly, I always carry my Disney MagicBand with me. Being that I’m a passholder, I never know when a moment for an impromptu Disney trip is going to happen!

    I appreciate y’all so much for reading this and can’t wait to show y’all the next few blogs we have coming! As always, DM us for any content you’d like to see on the blog


    Nichole's Easter Favorites


    Spring is undeniably my favorite time of the year. I mean, what's not to love?! From beautiful weather, to spring break trips, to the beautiful wildflowers on the side of the road, and of course the cutest outfits. Pastels are my absolute favorite color, and one look at my closet would prove that true. I recently finally got the time to go back to the store for the first time in forever (college girl struggles) and let me tell y'all, it was nearly impossible for me not to purchase everything in the spring collection. There's something for everyone in that collection- wrap dresses, piko dresses, rompers, jumpers, two-piece sets, so many adorable tops- I could go on and on, but the list would never end. But in true DSB style, I of course had to show y'all my absolute favorites!

    Our shoot downtown this weekend was an absolute blast- and when picking out outfits, I knew I had to model this one. This jumper/romper/maxi is so flowy and elegant and can be worn time and time again. The color is so springy and goes great with any skin tone!

    This dress isn’t a want, but it’s a need!! The tan color makes the dress so versatile while the colored embroidery makes it pop and is so much fun. You could dress this look up with a pair of wedges, or dress it down with a pair of sandals. Regardless of anything else, the dress has pockets, which makes it 1000x better.

    When I told y’all there were so many cute things in this collection, I wasn't kidding. I mean, look at Madison's dress and my dress! Mine is a cute lined off the shoulder that is perfect for Easter. Pair it with a simple necklace and you’re set! Madison’s dress is a stunning blue color that I couldn’t stop obsessing over. This is another one of those timeless pieces that you can wear time and time again year round!

    Y’ALL. I can’t get over this!! (cue all the heart eyes) The color, the ruffles, the flowiness, everything about this dress is perfect. Throw on a pair of brown wedges, a statement necklace and a few bracelets and you’re set!

    Okay, I had to save my absolute favorite for last. I’ve seen so many pieces similar to this while mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram.. And then I saw that DSB got the perfect version of it!! I could go on and on and on about this romper. The pops of color, the flowiness, (still questioning if that’s actually a word, but I’m rolling with it), and it’s a perfect transition from spring to summer. Without a doubt this romper is going to be coming home with me, so stay tuned for some cute insta pics soon lol

    It was so hard choosing only a few favorites from the Easter collection, but these are just a few! Check out these items and so much more in store in Yulee, FL, or visit https://www.dressingspace.com/collections/shop-easter



    Spring Fever!

    Spring is the best time of the year because the weather is absolutely gorgeous and there are so many outdoorsy things to do! With that, there are so many cute outfit opportunities. Some of my absolute favorites year round are pastels and florals, and springtime is the perfect time to show those off! At Dressing Space, we’ve put together the perfect collection for you and all your spring wardrobe needs!

    Florals and pastels are my absolute favorite, so of course I’m going to love this dress! This dress hits in all the right spots, flattering any body type. It also sways while you walk, so it adds the perfect about of sass, too!

    Ever have those days when you don’t feel like putting much effort into your outfit but still want to look cute? Well, look no further than this jumper! The horizontal stripes elongate any body type and the adjustable tie at the waist pulls everything in. Just looking at this jumper is giving me summer vibes! Just add a floppy hat and some Quay sunnies and you’ll be on island time in no time!

    I’m sure we all have some DSB fall favorites that we’re looking to transition into spring… just like this dress here! The florals are perfect for this season. Replacing the denim jacket and booties for a white duster and brown wedges would make this the perfect Easter outfit!

    This top is one of my all-time DSB favorites, as it was for y’all too, considering we restocked SO many times! Because it’s a staple in my closet, I look for a way to incorporate it into every season. For spring, my favorite look so far is pairing it with my “Don’t Forget Me” black skirt with platform shoes!

    Spring is without a doubt one of my favorite seasons of the year (no more cold weather, yay!!!) And the outfits that come with it make it that much better! Check out our Spring Fever section!