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    DSB Blog

    10 Things I Can't Live Without

    With all the Gameday hype, I figured I’d break it up a little bit with the blogs and do some fun topics! We have brainstormed lots and I’d love to start a series where y’all can get to know more about me. I figured one of the best ones to start off with is 10 things I can’t live without!

     My Phone

    As much as my parents love to bug me about it, they are right. I can’t tell y’all how many times I’ve heard, “what would you do if you lived when cell phones weren’t a thing?” My favorite answer to give them is “well good thing I don’t have to worry about that!” It’s how I keep in touch with everyone, catch up on social media, and even keep up with my school work!

    Fun fact: even on vacation I still kept up to date on all things DSB, and this photo was taken of me while watching a live video!


    My Phone Charger

    Since I can’t go long without my phone, it kind of goes hand in hand that I’m always going to need a phone charger close by. With all the apps that I use, my phone never stays charged. My personal favorite is portable chargers, because you don’t have to be close by a wall plug!



    Honestly, this should have been at the top of the list, because I seriously can’t function without it. The first thing I do when I roll out of bed in the morning is make a pot (not cup) of coffee. If there’s a day where I don’t get to have my coffee that morning, well good luck to whoever talks to me that day.



    My favorite past time! Whenever I have nothing else to do, need background sounds, or just feel like being lazy, netflix is always there for me. Current obsession: Friends!!


    Wax Melts

    This is a very random one, but no room is complete without them, in my opinion. When I first moved into my apartment, it smelled, well, not good. The first thing I grabbed was my CRATE (yes, you read that right) of wax melts and picked one out for every room. It made my apartment smell soooo much better and homey! Currently, my room smells like vanilla (my favorite!).



    As much as I’m constantly losing it, I always have to have chapstick nearby. If you were to ask what’s something I always have on me no matter what, chapstick would be high up on that list. Burt’s bees all the way!


    Ice Cream

    You may be thinking, “Really Nichole? You can’t live without ice cream?” And my immediate answer to that is heck no. Anytime I want something sweet, am sick, or want a snack in general, ice cream is the perfect fit. Also, have you ever been bored when nothing else is open but Dairy Queen? Going to get ice cream with friends is never not a good idea.


    My Polaroid

    I’m not really sure what it is, but a picture is always ten times more fun when it’s taken on a polaroid camera. Maybe it’s because now everyone is so used to snapping pictures on their phones and it’s different, but whatever it is, I love it! I take it with me practically everywhere I go, just incase the perfect photo opportunity comes up!

    Side note: These polaroids were taken at the Clay County Fair after High Valley’s performance, and they saw my polaroid and wanted us to take photos with it (even though that was already my intention :)



    It’s no lie when I say I have my whole life planned out on Pinterest. Y’all get it! I get in a crafty mood, I look at Pinterest to tell me what I want to do. If I feel like cooking something different, Pinterest tells me what I want to cook. If I want to redecorate my room…. well you get it.


    Country music

    I’m not sure what it is about country music, but it always puts me in the best mood! It’s so catchy, there’s a song for every mood, and it’s so easy to sing along to. I grew up listening to country music, and so there’s something so nostalgic when I hear Last Dollar by Tim McGraw on shuffle. My love for country music also started my FAVORITE thing to do, which is go to country concerts!


    While there are SO many things I can’t live without, these are without a doubt the ones that I need everyday! 







    A Look Into New Arrival Wednesday's


    My favorite day of the week…. DSB lives!! Every Wednesday at 7:30 we go live on Facebook to keep you up to date on all the new arrivals that week at The Dressing Space. Since I’ve been going to school I haven’t had the chance to do them as much as I did over the summer. When I do though, I have so much fun! The process of getting ready for live isn’t just getting all of the outfits together; it takes almost all week! Waiting for the shipments to come in, tagging and steaming everything, shooting all the pieces for the website, and so much more… but come Wednesday we have so much fun and it makes it all worth it because we get to interact with all of our wonderful ladies!

    The purpose of our live videos is to show you ladies how we like to style the pieces, what we LOVE about them, and answer any questions y’all may have about anything DSB. It also gives us the chance to interact with our DSB babes that aren’t always able to make it into the store.

    When I think about what my favorite things are about doing the lives I am stuck between two - I love doing the photoshoots because Madison and I have so much fun, and we literally have to stop ourselves from laughing so much because we actually have work to do! But, my favorite part is definitely the games we do right before the live on Instagram. I think the best one we’ve played so far is the one where we tie balloons to our ankles and run around trying to pop them! Currently 2-0 in that one ;)

    Be sure to tune in every Wednesday at 7:30 on Facebook to catch all of our adorable new arrivals! I can’t wait to finally be back for a live!




    Favorite Jags Looks

    Favorite Jags Looks


    Jags regular season keeps getting closer and closer… and what better way to celebrate than treating yourself to a brand new outfit?! There are so many possibilities for the perfect Jags outfit when you walk into DSB… so here are some of my favorites!


    Z Supply is always such a great option for not only Jags games, but literally any other time, too. It’s super comfy and can be dressed up or down. For those hotter games though, I would throw on a pair of our “What You’ve Always Needed” shorts and a jags hat and be out the door!

    My absolute favorite crop we’ve ever had in the store is our “Wandering in a Dream” crop. It is SO dang stretchy and pairs well with anything. Jean shorts, white shorts, or even some flowy shorts and you will look absolutely adorable! Just throw on a teal stack and you’ll be Jags Gameday ready.

    This scalloped detail y’all….. Heart eyes!! These shorts are so simple but so cute, and are perfect for the Jags. I would pair it with a black Z Supply top, off the shoulder, or even the crop I mentioned earlier.

    I am SO obsessed with this top! Velvet is everywhere right now, and I’m loving it. I love the way Kalli put a white bralette with this top and it is still adorable!

    As the Jags games creep closer and closer, we’re all getting so much more excited! I can’t wait to see all of the #DSBBABES tags on instagram! ;)



    Top Gameday Picks

    Top Gameday Picks

    One of my favorite things about Game Day is finding the perfect outfit. My automatic go to is one that is lightweight and comfortable, but still leaves you looking adorable to get that perfect instagram picture ;) . All the girls at DSB have put in so much time crafting the perfect game day collection for y’all! So whoever your team may be, whether it’s the Gators, Georgia, or Jags, you’re bound to find something you’ll absolutely love!

    My favorite Jags game day outfit is undoubtedly our “A Little Bit of a Wild Side” Jumper. I wouldn’t necessarily wear this to the actual game, but definitely to a watch party, or going out to watch the game, like at Buffalo Wild Wings. This jumper will be sure to turn heads and will get SO many compliments. You can be super casual with it and wear sandals, or dress it up with some black heels! For accessories, a black stack would look stunning! I really think some teal earrings would tie the whole look together, too.


    Choosing a favorite Gators gameday outfit was difficult, because there were SO many cute things to choose from. I am a sucker for royal blue, but our “Change Your Mood” dress was my top pick. It’s such a simple, but adorable piece. You could do so much with it, like add some orange jewelry, a white bralette, and a stack and you’d be good to go for game day. Another reason why I chose this dress was because 1, it has pockets… who doesn’t love that?! And 2, you can wear it so many other places besides just a gator game!


    Not only is our “Showing Off” romper my favorite Georgia gameday piece, but it is currently my FAVORITE item in the store. There’s a lot to choose from at DSB, but this one takes the cake. I love the simplicity of this romper, but how it all ties in together to form such a cute piece. I could go on and on about it, but I doubt ya'll want to read all of that… so to keep things short and simple, stripes are my thing, black and white is my thing, and comfort is my thing. And this romper is just that. And don’t even get me started on those bell sleeves… *heart eye emoji*

    This was not an easy post guys, when we came up with this topic I knew it was going to be the more difficult ones. I knew we were getting such a big game day collection in for every team, so narrowing it down to one favorite for each one took what seemed like forever. But here it is! I’m so excited to start this blogging journey with y’all, please let us know what you think!!




    Meet The Blogger: Nichole

    Hey y’all! So after doing my first blog post, I realized that while many of you may know I work and love DSB, you don’t actually know much about me. So with that being said, I wanted to take the time to write a post about my everyday life! 
    I was born in New Jersey, but moved to Florida when I was seven, so Yulee is home. I graduated from Yulee High School in 2017, and I am currently a sophomore at the University of North Florida. Through my sorority, I do so much service out in the community, which helped lead me to find the perfect major for me, Elementary Education.
    Outside of school, there’s lots I love to do. I love to find new coffee shops, and for those who do know me know that coffee is an essential part of my life. Going on day trips with my girl gang to explore new towns are some of my favorite memories by far. Savannah takes the cake! Every chance I get to go to  concert, you can bet I’ll be there. Fun fact: I’ve seen over SIXTY artists in concert! I also love to love on my pup Harley, who really isn’t a “pup,” but in my eyes always will be. I saved my absolute favorite to tell y’all about last, and that is going to Disney! I recently became an annual pass holder in March, and not to be dramatic or anything, but it’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made in my whole life. It brings back so many memories from when I was little, and it still makes me so happy every time I go. I joke with everyone that my favorite restaurant is the Confectionary, the big candy store right on the corner of Main Street. I can’t make a trip to Disney without stopping in there first!
    I started working at DSB this past summer, and have never loved a job more! The group of girls I get to work with are all so sweet, and when we come together to brainstorm new ideas for the store we always have such a great time. Thank you guys so much for reading this post, I’m so excited to continue creating these blogs!

    My sorority, Delta Gamma, has given me so many new opportunities and helped me find exactly what I wanted to do with my career! I have gained life long besties and wouldn’t trade it for the world.


    Like I said, Savannah has been my favorite day trip so far. While walking around downtown, I remembered that the movie “The Last Song” (one of my favorites!) was filmed in Savannah. We instantly went back to the car, put the directions in, and headed to the place where Miley and Liam sang “She Will Be Loved” in the old truck.


    I recently went to the Bahamas for two weeks, and it was an incredible trip. It was a trip of endless boating, beaching, fishing, and exploring. Of course I had to wear my favorite DSB dress for dinner one night.


    My favorite concert, favorite group of girls, and alllll time favorite artist- Thomas Rhett *cue the heart eyes*


    He may be thirteen years old, but Harley will always be a puppy in my eyes.


    My first trip to Disney in YEARS , and I felt like I was eight years old again. The big smile says it all! And of course I had to grab a pair of minnie ears to pull the whole look together!